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Things worth saving.

The people, places and the experiences we have had as children certainly shape us. I always wonder when dealing with the past, what is important enough to hang onto and what should be let go. My grade school best friend Anne Wright and her sisters Kim and Karen, lived at Rubicon and Exeter with their parents Gib and Irene. I spent a fair amount of time at their home. We stole carrot cookies from her mom, played in the surrounding citrus orchards and went to her grandparents home directly to the north to visit. The David and Gladys Wright house was designed for David by his father, Frank Lloyd Wright. The David Wright House Foundation organized as a non-profit to save this architectural treasure as a museum to be used for the education of all. Certainly Arcadia has seen some changes through the years, some good and some not so good but the iconic properties of this area should be a mainstay. To support this effort go to

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